The Caption Contest is now closed!

Congratulations to first-prize winner, Michael C. from Newark, Ohio! Our runners-up are Matt H. from Woodbridge, Connecticut and Jeffrey C. from Manassas, Virginia. See the winning captions below. Go here to subscribe to the Head First Newsletter for future contests and special offers.

Caption #1:

Runners up:
  • "So the server is like an oven. You send it the right ingredients, and it sends you back a cake."
  • "Sorry honey, no testing before the presentation layer is done."

Caption #2:

Runners up:
  • "Now that you've learned the common style declarations, here are all the ones we didn't cover."
  • "And next time, you should use some of the techniques in this box BEFORE you use the code."

Caption #3:

Runners up:
  • "It's ok, mom. All the browsers will display your page the same. Sooner or later, anyway."
  • "Don't worry mom, Johnny will eventually learn to write tests before he starts coding."


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