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This exam, written by Andrew Stellman and Jennifer Greene in conjunction with Head First PMP (link opens a new window), gives you the real PMP experience. You'll be able to choose the number of questions you wish to answer, up to 200, and be timed just like the real exam. Head First PMPAt the end you'll receive a score and explanation of the correct answers.

Can it be? A FREE PMP exam?

A Note from the Authors

If you search the web for "Free PMP Exam Questions," you find that almost all of the sites out there will give away just a few questions as advertisement for an online training course or a book or something really expensive that might help you pass the PMP® exam. That bothered us when we were studying for the exam ourselves, and it still bothers us now.

We really like the idea of a project management community, where people use the same vocabulary to talk about the job, and help each other grow professionally. That's one big reason that we wrote Head First PMP—we feel that the PMP® certification really does bring us one step closer to that ideal. We think that PMI did a really good job of identifying the tools that project managers from all different industries and backgrounds use to get things done. The exam is getting really popular, and more and more professional project management jobs require it.

So go ahead, give this free exam a try, and share it with anyone else you know who's studying for the PMP® exam. And while you're at it, take a look at the rest of the Head First PMP site for links to other free resources we've put together to help you study.

Good luck with the exam!
Jennifer Greene, PMP and Andrew Stellman, PMP
Authors of Head First PMP

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